New Release for ILL Justice "G.O.A.T. Level Respect"

Today, ILL Justice released his latest album, G.O.A.T. Level Respect. This highly anticipated album follows New Wave and is a collection of 14 songs that speak to the current cultural climate. 
Themes of identity, self-discovery, love, and connection pervade throughout the album as ILL Justice explores the shifting world we live in today. Each song offers an honest and vulnerable insight into ILL Justice life and experiences, creating a unique and personal connection to the listener. 
“I wanted to create something that reflected the way I felt in the past several months. I wanted to write about the struggles to find my place in the world and the resilience necessary to keep pushing forward,” ILL Justice says. 
This album deftly blends the signature hip hop sounds of ILL Justice with unexpected genres such as R&B. The genre-bending nature of this album gives listeners a refreshing and innovative sound as if discovering something new with each track. 
ILL Justice’s latest album is sure to be a hit for fans of all ages. With catchy melodies and touching lyrics, this album will leave listeners in awe of the songwriting mastery displayed. 
ILL Justice’s G.O.A.T. Level Respect is out now and can be streamed or purchased through all major digital platforms, including and Apple, Spoitfy, Soundcloud, and many more. Fans can also follow ILL Justice on social media to keep up with the latest news and upcoming events. 

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