1. Caezar

From the recording Caezar

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Speak more eloquently than I

Of the tremendous problem here presented

They not lonely oppose the principles of our heritage

Which has given us our rich institutions in our laws

But the advocate their overthrow

Do you know listening to AraabMuzik

I rise like a Phoenix, now watch me elevate

Spitting fire in the booth, that you can't replicate

Bars are intricate, each line will resonate

Breaking barriers, just demolishing the gate

I'm lyrically sharp with it, each word will penetrate

They call me the truth, so there's nothing to debate

You could never hustle harder I don't make mistakes

Y'all don't want it with the kid y'all just challenging fate

Y'all like water in the sun now watch them dissipate

I'm fearless on the mic, that's probably why I dominate

My bars are unmatched, I'm in that heavyweight state

It's like you seen the unicorn, y'all begin to speculate

I'm never ten toes down, I defy gravity

My wordplay so sick, it's a verbal calamity

I weave words like poetry, I got a masterpiece

I'm elite with these bars' boy evidently

I'm versatile, switching' flows, that's adaptability

I conquer any foes, when I unleash my abilities

I'm the architect of this rap, that's creativity

My bars are potent, they make you question your reality

I'm a wordsmith, crafting tales with intensity

Lines explode like grenades, now you feel the energy

I'm still able to write in cursive, painting a vivid tapestry

I dismantle tracks, leave you in a state of entropy

I'm an anomaly, while you call it savagery

I'm only interested in expending my capacity

I'm a verbal assassin, I hit with veracity

I'm on another level, so there's no comparability

I spit acid, words burn with such tenacity

Future of this game, igniting ma new dynasty

I'm so complex, spitting with such audacity

My legacy's, etched in the annals of rap history

My mind's a labyrinth, where ideas intertwine

I unravel every thought, creating a poetic design

Timeless well defined, like a verbal Picasso

Every bars made of gold, like a hidden El Dorado

The mathematician, calculating every syllable

Multiplying the impact, never predictable

Mastering the art of wordplay, you heard me

Steady with the aim deadly with the gunplay. (You know me)